While specialising in the mining sector, the diverse and appropriate Industrial Engineering approach employed by our teams is applicable to any industrial system.

This involves the measurement and modelling of the handling, storage and delivery of personnel, material, equipment and products (including work in progress) to all parts of an organisation. Implementing Industrial Engineering techniques, BIECON Industrial Engineering strives to optimize all aspects of the supply chain.

Simulation modelling and analysis entails building an abstract computer model to simulate the behaviour of any system, process, future situation or scenario. These models are built using computer software packages which employ scientific methods of determining and solving different scenario's over a certain period.

Work study consists of time studies and work measurement (time and motion). A time and motion study is a well-established method of evaluating physical efficiency which combines time study information with the motion study information. Work study is a major part of scientific management. BIECON has the ability to employ work study teams in selected workplaces under evaluation, and meticulously analyse the dynamics of work practises.

Feasibility studies investigate the scale of feasibility to which a project can or will be implemented. These studies are conducted to evaluate whether resources and equipment will fit the purpose or practice in a business model or part thereof. These studies can be divided into two major groups, Technical feasibility studies (which concern the ability to accomplish a goal)and Economic feasibility studies (which concern the economic consequences of a goal).
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