Logistic studies involve the measurement and modelling of the handling, storage and delivery of personnel, material, equipment and products (including work in progress) to all parts of the business.  The logistic capability of a system, plant or mine usually determines the production constraint, but can be overcome by thoroughly studying and re-engineering.  The logistic chain of events (supply chain), from origin to final delivery, requires transportation resources and schedules.  The transportation means and schedules are studied and modeled to produce integrated and cost effective logistic plans.

The typical logistic study undergoes a comprehensive work study and analysis of existing systems.  This is being followed on by a simulation study or a series of studies to evaluate system capacity and to identify bottlenecks in the supply chain.  Alternative handling options are also evaluated and final recommendations to alter and improve the logistic capability of the system under study are forthcoming.  Designing or re-designing of transportation and handling features and schedules are also part of the deliverables of the logistic study.

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