BIECON Industrial Engineering (Pty) Ltd is a professional consulting company specialising in simulation modelling, business process improvement and solution implementation.

Since its establishment in 2005 the company has distinguished itself as a provider of high quality professional services on time and within budget. Our success stems from the use of prime Industrial and Systems Engineering skills and expertise.  


We established a strategy which gives clients a competitive advantage by using simulation and quantitative management techniques which provide a tool to measure performance levels, safety levels as well as facilitating improved strategy simulation in terms of cost and added value.

BIECON has gained access to a wealth of information and expertise in the mining sector and mining related sectors and has established relationships with a number of mining consultancy houses.  BIECON’S quality and sought after service has earned us the preferred supplier category on most mining houses. The management of BIECON is continuously seeking for better technological means to ensure the global success of their clients.


Aside the invaluable consulting experience of BIECON’s executives, the BIECON approach utilizes bidirectional honesty and integrity over the course of a project to ensure the accuracy and general excellence of its service.  The results and predictions of our simulation modelling and studies are of the highest standards as BIECON transparently ensures that a process under investigation is indeed evaluated with regard for the sensitivities impacting thereon.  Employees of BIECON investigate and report on study issues as they occur in real-time, handling these reports with the necessary respect and confidentiality.

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A document summarizing the core of BIECON Industrial Engineering as a company, with a specific focus on BIECON's company background, company principles, competitive advantage, assuring output, integrity, business services, client base
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